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Commodity market is also like share market, just here commodities are bought or sold instead of stock.

Commodities speak of any useful items in everyday life, which are the basic needs of people. Such as wheat, gram, gold or silver.

Commodity brings the things that are needed, not your interest.

In the Commodity market, the purchase of raw materials is more.

Delivery takes place in the Commodity market, but most people do not take delivery and sell the goods again in the Commodity tips market.

What is the difference between COMMODITY and SHARE market?

Shares are bought in Commodities and Share Market in Comodity market.

Commodity and share market require separate trading account.

There is no delivery option in the stock market, Commodity is the delivery option in the market.

Before investing in a share market, it is necessary to study a lot of research. It is necessary to know what is the history of the company, how its reputations are, but the history of commoditities in the commodity market is not given much attention.


  •  As you can trade here by giving some% margin, do not do too much trading simultaneously.
    Invest in the commodity according to your budget.
  • In the share market, you can buy your share for a few years, but if trading in commodity trading takes place within 2 – 3 months, then the investment is for a short time.
  •  In the beginning, small invetment can be more beneficial. When you fully understand the Commodity market, then start investing more money.
  •  Like the share market, in this too, the difference in the market reads from the Global event, especially America and China. So always keep in mind the news and events of these countries.
  • Go according to the market, if there is a steady decline in the money of a commodity, then invest accordingly.
  •  Liquid commodity is more profitable, liquid commodity such as crude oil, base metal is less risky and the opportunity to come out of the market is always open.

How to purchase Commodity?

You cannot use the trading account of share market here. For commodity market, you have to open a new trading account by meeting with a broker, then you can buy from any commodity exchange like MCX.

Which is the most popular commodity?

Crude oil, Gold and Silver in Non – Agri. In the farm segment, spices and edible oils come in good commodity.

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